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Homemade Vanilla Extract


Making homemade Vanilla Extract is really, really easy.  All you need is a jar, some good Vodka and some really good Vanilla Beans.  I only buy my Vanilla Beans from  They are a bit expensive but so worth it!  I will be posting more extract recipes soon.  Keep checking back with me. Have fun!!


1 1/2        Cups        Grey Goose Vodka  or  Absolute Vodka, your choice

10            Whole     Tahitian Vanilla Beans


Put them in a pint jar, screw the lid on nice and tight and then put it in the back of your cabinet for 3 to 4 months.  Taking it out and shaking it every other day though!!  The longer you let it sit in the dark, the stronger it will get.  Mine took about 6 months before it came out to be perfect.  Perfect for me that is.  I like my Vanilla Extract to be strong!

As you are using your extract up you can always add more vodka too it but when you decide to add more vodka you will need to let it sit for a couple more months before using it again.  Just keep testing it.










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