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Valentines Day is Right Around The Corner

Today is going to be a very busy day for me.  With Valentines Day right around the corner I’m going to be working on making a lot of little cakes, maybe some cupcakes and some new cookie recipes as well.  I’ve set up my Facebook Page but I still have a little bit more to go to complete it but it’s going to cost a little money every month which I certainly don’t have, not yet anyhow.  Maybe I should start a Go Fund Me Page or whatever you call it!!!  LOL   The cake in the photo is a cake my student Dani made all by herself,  she’s in 7th grade.  I think we have a natural on our hands for sure!  Tell ya one thing, once I get my cake business up and running and get a store front, that little girl has got a job for sure!!!

I’m really hoping that I can get some of the things done today that I need to get done.  Like bake a few small Naked Valentine Cakes to put on my Blog and on my Facebook Page so the orders will start coming in. I guess you could say that is the Goal for the day and I hate setting goals!!!  Guess I better get to bed and get some sleep so I’m all rested up for the day.

Wish me luck!!!



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