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Red Velvet Cupcakes??? (from a box?)

I have only made one Red Velvet Cake in my life from scratch,  and that was here, up in the mountains and it honestly tasted like crap!  It wasn’t moist, it wasn’t chocolaty, it was dry but, to my defense, I’ve never tried it before.  I mean, I’ve never tasted Red Velvet Cake and apparently that’s all the big rage right now.  So, with Valentines day coming up and Wedding season right around the corner I thought to myself, “self, get – a – going ” !!!


Today being just a test day, and seeing how I have a dozen boxes of cake mix in my pantry that I really need to use up, I figured I would save my expensive ingredients for my customers orders and use the box mixes to bake and practice decorating on, taking some pictures and uploading them to my blog and to my Facebook page.  I know I need like 40 more photos on my Facebook Page for sure!  I want to show people what I can do and hopefully up my orders coming in.  Heck, get any orders coming in for that matter!!!


Well, it’s been 20 minutes and I just pulled the Red Velvet Cup cakes out of the oven.  They look and smell yummy.  Still need to let them cool so I can decorate them with some cream cheese frosting  and then do a taste test, see if I actually will like them.  If I do then the search begins for a dozen scratch recipes I can put together, tweak for the high altitude and call my own.  And that cake better, NO, must and will be the best Red Velvet Cake Ever!!!


Okay, so I’ve decided to put some kind of time table on this blog so ya’ll know what I’m doing through out my day.  Right now it is 10:20 a.m. mountain time.  I’m very much a multi-tasker so, what I have going on right at this moment, besides stopping to write this is… doing the dishes from the cup cakes that I made earlier and hanging up utensils on my kitchen walls so I have more room in my kitchen drawers. LOL  I’m such a fruit loop!!!   Okay, back to my dishes, be back soon….


11:10 a.m.   Dishes are all finished, I have as much stuff hung up on my kitchen wall that I think my hubby will allow except for 3 little items.  Well, they’re really not so little.  See, my best friends Tiffany and Jeff gave me a very nice B.B.Q. Utensil set for Christmas this year and I have no place to store it, my cabinets are plum full so, the only other thing I can do is hang them on the wall in my kitchen, somewhere, but where is the big question!!!  HHHHHMMMMMM!!!!!


Now that the kitchen is cleaned up I guess I will tackle the other small practice cakes for all of the Valentines Day Orders that will be flooding my Facebook Page this Monday, I hope, I pray!  Nope, they will. Think Positive Kimmi, think Positive!!!  I wonder if I should offer shipping yet?  Hhhhmmmm, it’s a thought… Off to do some more baking, love it!!!


2:03 p.m.  The other cakes I decided to make were two small Butter Cakes.



Now, back to what I was saying.  One was a 6″ x 2″ round, the other was a 6″ x 2″ square, the perfect size for a nice little Valentines Cake or, the topper of a Wedding Cake, babies first smash cake, just use your imagination.  There are so many things you could use a small cake for.  Heck, just get one for your buddies Birthday to smash in his or her face. LOL  Sorry, I’m being a bit silly right now, I’m a tad bit tired I guess.  Think it’s time for a cup of heavy duty Espresso!!!  BRB  🙂

Okay, hopefully this strong cup of coffee will help.  I still have cupcakes to make frosting for and decorate not to mention the two cakes I just made.  The cakes will be easy though, they will be naked.  That reminds me, I need to give our local florist a call and see if she has any flowers and whatnots I can pick up for pretty cheap since it’s getting close to the end of the day.  I like to adorn my cakes with greenery and flowers since they are so naked. They just look so much more beautiful that way.  Now, the next question to be answered is what to put in the middle of them?  Sure, they may only be a 2″ high cake but I think every cake deserves a nice, delicious filling, don’t you!  What would go good with Butter Cake, hhhmmm, a nice chocolate ganache for sure.  Better yet, inner circles of chocolate ganache and fumble berry or raspberry jam.  Oh yeah, that sounds so go and I thinks that’s the plan.  I will do one of each, in the morning that is.

Nope, I take that back, I won’t be wasting my time or my precious jams and chocolate on these cakes!  They turned out so dry you would think they were made of sawdust. By the way, after tasting these things, I just couldn’t help myself but to try one of those Red Velvet Cupcakes.  And honestly, I still don’t see what all the fuss is about but, it was a very moist and tasty cupcake, even without the frosting put on it that I haven’t made for it yet, which I will do in the morning. LOL   Yeah, but that store brand boxed butter cake…. straight into the garbage it went!!!

It’s getting a bit late for me and I need to finish this one post up so I can start on my own house work around here and dinner for my family.  I do have to run to Denver in the morning so tomorrows post will be a bit late, sorry about that but, shite happens!  LOL

Thanx for stopping by and checking my blog out, I truly do appreciate all the visitors that take time to read my silliness and my recipes, that are not silly by the way!  They are the real deal!!  Would love for some of you to push that “follow” button.  hint, hint.

Ya’ll have a fantastic evening

Blessed Be…

Note: I did find time to stop by and talk with our local florist  before she closed shop today.  I think we are going to be building a very nice friendship with one another.  Thank you for the flowers and the greenery Marcia!!






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