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Happy Birthday To Me…

                                              HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME !!!!


Today is my Birthday, my 50th Birthday at that!  Yesterday morning while I was reading Blogs and comments on Pinterest I noticed that a lot of people make their own Birthday Cake.  I never really thought about making myself a nice cake but then I thought, ya know what, it’s the “Big 50”, why not.  So, that’s what I did yesterday.  I made myself cake for my own Birthday.  Hell, I knew I wasn’t going to get one from anyone and my man knows not to even think about bringing home a cake from the grocery store.  I’m a Baker for God’s Sakes, I would curse him into Bakers Hell for such a thing!  LOL 

So, now I had a big decision to make.  What kind of cake do I want?  I love all kinds, Chocolate, Vanilla, Pineapple, Peach, Blueberry, Coffee, Orange, Lemon, the list goes on and on.  I decided on my tried and true Vanilla Bean White Cake,  but this time I was going to do something I have never done before… an Ombre Cake.  Well, half of an Ombre Cake, I only did 3 layers.  That’s all the cake batter I had.  Anyhow, my signature color has always been pink soooooo, that’s what I did, or tried to do.  I haven’t put the cake together yet so I don’t know what the inside of them look like.  The outside of the cakes look good, the middle cake could have used a bit more red gel but I think it will look pretty anyhow. 

I’m now left with…. what kind of filling do I want?  That took a good 2 hours to decide on, I kid you not.  The possibilities are endless and I can never make up my mind.  I finally decided on Fresh Raspberry Buttercream.  Normally I would make some kind of Cream Cheese Frosting but this time I wanted to try something different.  I need to get off of this damn computer and get started on it all ready!  I just wanted to share with ya’ll that it was my Birthday and that it’s always okay to make your own Birthday Cake!!!

The Cake in the photo is one of the cakes I made for my Grand Daughters 1st Birthday last year,  not the cake that I have been talking about here.  Like I said, I haven’t put that one together yet.  When I do and when I am able to either this evening or tomorrow, I will share with you how it turned out.  I am off to clean up my messy kitchen from this morning after making cookies then onto cooking berries, making frosting and putting my Birthday Cake together!

Ya’ll have a Blessed and Beautiful Day!!!







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