Sad, sad, very sad week for me, my computer crashed!  😦    Why is it these thing always seem to happen exactly one day after your warranty is up, GGGGGGRRRRRRR!!!!!  And of course I am having a Hell of a time posting from my phone, go figure!  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I can find the correct button this time and this post will get published.  I would really like all of my readers to know what all is going on in my world and that I haven’t dropped off the face of the earth…..again!  LOL. Now, I have no idea how long until I can get it fixed, up and running again so, until then my little Samsung Cell Phone will have to do. 

So, I would like to thank ya’ll in advance for hangin in there with me, ya’ll Rock!!!  I wish I had more time today to leave a recipe with you buuuuuut, I cannot.   I’ve got to get busy baking a batch of what is very quickly becoming Kimmiz Kitchen Kreations Signature Cookie, Oatmeal Fruit Filled.  Actually comes down to Oatmeal Raisin,  Cherry and Blueberry Cookies, YUMMY!!!  Anyhow, need to get that done then deliver them this after, rush back here and start on my baby back ribs for dinner.  Another YUMMY!  

I’ll take some photos and post later this evening, if I’m not in Yummy Heaven!!!  Hope ya’ll have a fantastic day!



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