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So Very Proud !!!!

Hi Ya’ll, 

So sorry it’s been a couple of months since I have posted anything, my life has been a bit busy and crazy all at the same time.  My oldest daughter graduated collage, I’m so proud of her!!  Dental Hygienist, if I remember correctly. LOL  


I went to Arizona to visit my Father for a few days.  I wanna go back but the 118 degree weather right now is stopping me for sure!  I remember living there, being pregnant with my 3rd child, nine month pregnant and it hit 120 degrees!  We had to turn the A/C off in the house, it just couldn’t keep up and we all went outside and sat in the kids pool for most of the day.  HOT, HOT, HOT!!!  I do not miss it at all!!!  LOL 


I go to the Springs as much as I can to get my fill of this Babies Love but it just never seems to be enough.  All you Grandparents know what I’m talking about!  Last month I went down and I took her and her Mother to the Zoo, we all had a very nice time.  Got some good pictures too. 


But, I must admit… I miss our little Emily being so small. This picture was taken just a few days after she came home from the hospital with her Mommi.  I could have just eaten her up.  I fell in love right then and there with this little being!!  I just wish I lived closer so I could see her more often.  But hey, I only live 2 1/2 hours away, I can deal with that.  At least I’m not in another state like some of her other relatives. 😦   Love that little Munchkin!!!


Autumn is right around the corner up here, it’s crazy.  We’ve all ready had mornings down to 34 degree’s at 6:30 a.m.   I’m not ready for the freezing cold and all the snow this winter.  I just have this feeling that we are going to get pounded with a lot of snow this year, I really do.  Hope I’m wrong though!!!!


But, I have my man and my leather to keep me nice and toasty warm…. and hopefully a fire-pit soon in our backyard.  🙂  

Still gonna be B.B.Q.ing Ribs, Steaks, Chops, Burgers and Dog but soon it will be back to the oven to make Pot Roast and to the stove for some Kick – Ass Chili!   Yummy!!!


Then homemade New York Style Cherry Cheese Cake. MMMMMMMM  Can’t wait for that one!!!  My hips scream “NO”, but my mouth yells;  “Feed me Kimmi”!!!  LOL 

So, this is where I am right now….  I’m having some health issues which have been slowing me down and bumming me out… Big Time!!  I will be getting a second opinion September 8th on the whole situation.  Well, on one of them anyhow.  The other one is in limbo for now because of the one at hand at the present moment.  I will share with ya’ll once I find out more and I reveal everything to my family.  I will say this… I’m scared to death but I know I will get thru this!!!!  

I will be back with more recipes  in a few days. But for now I need to finish cleaning my house up.  My daughter and son in law are bringing my grand daughter up here this weekend.  They’ve never been to my house before, I have a lot of work to do before they all get here.   A lot of baking and cooking as well!!  

Here’s hoping ya’ll have a wonderful 3 day weekend!!!  Have tons of fun and be careful out there!!  Love to all. xoxoxoxo


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