Naked Wedding Cakes

Getting Ready For The Big Wedding

I just got back from Texas, where I will be doing a wedding next month for my “somewhat”, daughter-in-law.  I don’t know how else to explain it really.  She is my daughters sister-in-law, you figure it out. LOL   She is the sweetest gal though and her better half is just the same!!  I baked all three cakes that I wanted to do, they all came out perfect and now I am a happy camper because that weight has been lifted off my shoulders.  One of many that is…



This will be the main wedding cake.. White, Vanilla with Bumbleberry and Whipped Cream Cheese Filling / Frosting.  Also shown in this bottom picture, on the left side of the cake is a Whipped Nutella Buttercream Filling that will also be in one of the tiers of the wedding cake. ( It will be a 4 tier cake).





The 2nd cake will be a Gluten Free White Vanilla Cake.  Shown here with Whipped Nutella Frosting and Sliced Strawberries as the filling.  This is not what it will be for the wedding, this is just what I had on hand at the moment when I put the cake together. Turned out great though.




3rd Cake will be a Dairy and egg free Chocolate cake with Dairy Free Chocolate Ganache..YUMMY!!!!

And there you have it… All three cakes I will be doing for this Wedding in Texas next month.  Exciting times, Good Times, I can’t wait!!!!

A special shout out Thank You to Katie, Mark and Carol for Everything they have done so far and will be doing for me next month.. Ya’ll rock!!! Love ya’s!!!!


Blessed Be Ya’ll…

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