A Little Bit About Me

Hi Ya’ll, the name is Kimmi.  I am the proud owner, operator and head baker of Kimmiz Kitchen Kreations, located in beautiful Kremmling, Colorado.  I specialize in Naked Cakes and no, I don’t mean naked as in nasty, dirty minded cakes, LOL  Ya’ll get your minds out of the gutters now!! LOL   I also bake up cookies, brownies, pies, sweet quick breads and I make all my own fillings, jams and butters.  Ya know, apple butter, peach butter, blueberry butter, etc.  

I’ve been baking since I was 7-8 years old.  My Mother let me loose in the kitchen one day and told me I could make anything I wanted so, I looked around in the pantry and found a box of cake flour so,  what did I decide to make?   A chocolate cake, made by scratch from a little girl who didn’t know anything about baking and that cake never saw the sunrise the next day!!!  LOL  My family loved it, they gobbled it up like there was no tomorrow!!  I’m pretty sure that’s when I fell in love with baking!

I grew up in Arizona and just recently moved to the mountains of Beautiful Colorado and boy, what a surprise I got when I started baking up here in the higher altitude!!!  Nothing was coming out of the oven like it was supposed too!  I had a lot to learn about cooking up here, that’s for sure.  I live just above 7,300 feet, very cold in the winter but oh so beautiful in the Spring, Summer and Fall.   I have had to re-write a lot of my recipes since I have been here but I don’t mind, not to much anyways.  I have no formal training, I am a self taught baker and I love it!!!  In a bad mood, my kids driving me crazy, I just go in the kitchen an whip something up.  Baking and cooking always puts me in a good mood.

I’ve got my kids here, my beautiful Grand Daughter and my better half, who puts up with my shinanagans and loves me anyhow. LOL   Now, bring on the goodies!!!  Here are some photo’s of my crazy life….


My oldest daughter just graduated Collage August 2016, Photo #2 is my youngest daughter, Photo #3 is the day I met my grand daughter, Photo # 4 is from my recent trip to Arizona in May 2016 to visit my Daddy, Photo # 5 is my Grand daughter and Photo #6 is me and my Grand daughter at Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs.


DSC01351 12377726_10153385573108165_8695453824420261441_o

Me and my better half, Mike….                       My daughter and Grand daughter


My silly Grand daughter givin me a kiss..

2015-08-16 14.29.57

This is my daughter and her hubby… love my little family!!!


My daughter and her brother on her wedding day in Arizona.


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