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Kimmiz Kreations Everyday Bakesale

short price list of just some of the Kreations Kimmis Kitchen has to offer.

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Pecan Tort’e

  Had an early Christmas at my Daughter and Son-in-laws house last weekend and this is the desert that I had brought to the brunch she was having.  Which by the way was fantastic!  She made Belgian Waffles with fresh strawberry compote, which I also made.  There was a big spiral honey baked ham, yummy!!  Croissants with… Continue reading Pecan Tort’e

Christmas Treats · Cookies · Flavored Exctracts

Gramdma Baker’s Almond Cookies

  I got this recipe about 20 years ago from my youngest daughters Great Grandma Baker.  One heck of a Lady let me tell ya!  I like to elaborate when I write down a recipe, put my personality into it you could say.  Grandma Baker wrote her recipes down for me as short and sweet as she… Continue reading Gramdma Baker’s Almond Cookies

Christmas Treats · Flavored Exctracts

Homemade Vanilla Extract

Making homemade Vanilla Extract is really, really easy.  All you need is a jar, some good Vodka and some really good Vanilla Beans.  I only buy my Vanilla Beans from  They are a bit expensive but so worth it!  I will be posting more extract recipes soon.  Keep checking back with me. Have fun!!… Continue reading Homemade Vanilla Extract